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     25 years ago, Tom "The Suit" Forst sold his soul to the devil and became a corporate executive. At this height of his success, at the age of 57 years of age, he quit it all to play the blues.

     As Tom's story has evolved, it has resonated with people of all walks of life - anyone that ever wanted to put it all on the line to chase down their own musical dream. His story has been reported on television news, in newspaper articles, and most recently Forbes magazine. Since under taking his journey, Tom has recorded with Grammy-winning music artists, released successful solo and group albums, appeared in music videos with hundreds of thousands of views, toured the United States and even China.


He is now the host of a successful audio podcast called "Chasing the Blues," a weekly show which has released over 75 episodes to date. The show has featured interviews with blues artists from around the world, including top blues artists Anthony Gomes, Albert Castiglia, Joe Louis Walker, Mike Zito, Paul Nelson, Ally Venable, Diana Fuchs, and many more. The show, which is sponsored by Blues Festival Magazine, is dedicated to honoring the blues tradition, sharing its stories and history, while highlighting the artists and people working behind the scenes, all helping keep the blues alive, and taking it into the future.


Chasing the Blues has now launched on YouTube, produced by Factory Underground Studio. The debut show, which launched on September 23, 2020 features an interview via Zoom with John Oates of Hall and Oates. Oates discusses his new live album "Live in Nashville," which was released on September 18. He shares insight into how his love of the blues artists like Mississippi John Hurt and Mississippi Sheiks helped form his style of music. 



Tom The Suit Forst's

Chasing the Blues Season Podcast 

Now in Season 2 and on YouTube

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