25 years ago, Tom "The Suit" Forst

sold his soul to the devil and became a corporate executive.


At this height of his success, he quit it all

to play the blues.

     Chasing the Blues Season 2......picks up where the 50 episodes of Season 1 left off, with stories of the original bluesmen, the pioneers of the art form, as told through personal interviews with players from around the world: some famous in their own right, recording and touring artists, veteran sidemen, and rising new talent. 

     Hear their stories, and what inspired them to play the blues, and where they are taking the blues in their own careers for the blues fans of today, and tomorrow to enjoy.

     In Season 2, the podcast will also feature interviews with key figures working behind the scenes of the blues: record company executives, venue owners, festival organizers, and regional blues society presidents - all playing their own unique roles in keeping the blues alive. The new season will also have contests and giveaways you don't want to miss!

     Stay tuned for a new episode every week (Every Thursday - Starting April 16, 2020) wherever podcasts are available to stream and download.

     Chasing the Blues is proudly sponsored by Blues Festival Guide, which Bobby Rush calls the "road map to the blues." Look for them online at www.BluesFestivalGuide.com

     Chasing the Blues is also sponsored and produced by Factory Underground Studio in Norwalk, CT. 



Season 2 / Episode 1
blues harp player james montgomery talks James cotton

     Host Tom "The Suit Forst" chats with blues-rock harmonic player James Montgomery about his time on Highway 61 traveling down to Clarksdale, Mississippi. Hear about is upcoming film documentary about the life and music of James Cotton.  

Season 2 / Episode 2
Tom "the Suit" Forst speaks with Gulf coast Recording Albert Castiglia 

     Tom "The Suit Forst" checks in with Florida-native blues musician Albert Castiglia about his time performing with Junior Wells, after surviving his first job with the Florida Welfare Office. 

Airs Thursday April 24
Season 2 / Episode 3
Tom "the Suit" Forst speaks with electrifying guitarist
Gary Hoey

     Guitarist Gary Hoey checks in with Tom about his unique spin on blues-rock, his newest music, and reflections on his life, career, and family impacted by the Covid-19 health crisis. A compelling interview.

Airs Thursday April 30

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